About us

Playful, fun and stylish clothing for little girls.
Here at Lottie Clothing, we are passionate about encouraging women and girls to be independent, strong willed and confident.
We believe in letting girls be girls - in an amazingly good way (the only way there is).  Encouraging them to be themselves - free spirited, happy, intelligent, strong willed, and totally, and utterly them.
Where do we fit into that?  We believe that we are just one part of their independence.  
Do you remember that favourite piece of clothing from your childhood?  The one you never wanted to take off? The piece that made you feel like you - whether that was strong, beautiful, or something else entirely.
We want your girl to choose their own clothing, and to express themselves by choosing what to wear - and at the same time looking pretty damn awesome!
That's why we aim to bring them pieces that they will love and remember for years to come. That they feel confident and true to themselves wearing, that they will choose to wear every day, and that will withstand every day wear.
And is it so bad if they are ridiculously gorgeous and Mummy wants her size in every piece?
Lottie Clothing was created in 2015 by #girlboss Charlotte Morson, designer, lawyer, and mummy to two wonderful little girls.  It is a little family-owned business with big dreams.
Each piece is made with love in Australia by some amazingly talented women, from quality, locally sourced fabrics.


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